Let Your Light Shine

Last Saturday, while having coffee at Starbucks, I looked down at my hand and saw that my engagement ring was missing its main diamond. I was devastated to realize it had fallen out, and I had no idea when or how. I looked all over Starbucks, in the parking lot, in the car, and at home, but there was no trace of it.

My engagement ring is more valuable to me than any other material possession I own, not because of its monetary value, but because it’s the nicest thing I’ve ever received from the love of my life. He bought it for me, all by himself, before all our accounts were combined and everything was a joint purchase and life got so complicated. He spent hours and hours looking for the perfect ring, and when he couldn’t find it, he had it made. I was not involved in this process at all, and I was a pretty involved fiancée-to-be. I mean, by the time we got officially engaged seventeen years ago, we had already picked the date of the wedding, booked the church and rented out the reception hall. But picking out the ring was HIS decision, and he isn’t easily moved. He is strong and steady and takes his time to be sure he gets it right. And so he bought this ring on his own time table and proposed when I least expected it. It was worth the wait. The diamond was exquisite – truly flawless. It shined as bright as the love that inspired it.

I didn’t think my diamond would ever be found, but there was also a voice inside telling me not to give up hope and to just keep looking. About a day and a half later, I noticed something sparkling in our bedroom carpet. I looked closer, expecting it to just be some shiny something-or-other that had hit the light in just the right way, like it had been so many times before. But no, this time, it was the diamond I thought I’d lost forever that once again shone before my eyes. My engagement ring is now at the jeweler where the diamond is being reset with stronger prongs and polished so that is shines as brightly as ever. Hopefully, this time, it will stay put in my ring forever.

And yet, I know that there is only one light that will surely shine forever. It sparkles much more brightly than any diamond. This light also seemed to be lost once, and then reappeared, three days later. This light was also a gift that had nothing to do with the recipient and everything to do with the giver. This light also didn’t come easy to give. Its giver was also strong and steady and took the time to be sure things were perfect. After all, in this case, the gift brought about salvation and grace. Jesus Christ was well worth the wait. And just like my diamond is being reset into stronger prongs, Christ’s light moved into a different setting after His resurrection. He now lives inside of each us where His light is meant to shine more brightly than ever.

There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to wear my diamond ring once I get it back from the jeweler. I fear the diamond will fall out again. Perhaps it would be better to just keep it in a safe. But then I remember that Jesus said we are not meant to put our light under a bushel. We are to let it shine. My ring is meant to be worn on my finger always, to shine brightly as a symbol of the love that it represents. And the light of God is meant to shine through me, and through you, for all to see. I’m going to let it shine. Will you?


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